Our awesome 2018 Planners are here. Just what you need to help you stay organised this year and finally get things done. List your goals and schedule all in one place.

Dream big and pen down The Big List for 2018 at the start of the planner. There are dedicated 3 pages to map out your Month wise Plans and 2 pages for those special occasions. You can also list the Monthly goals in the Month’s biggies section. There is a checklist for the goals, so you can see how you have fared at the end of the month.



You can add your plans to the monthly calendar, while the pages allow you to write notes from each day. 

The planner includes 4 color separators, designed to remind you that life is a celebration - of little things and big goals, dreams and shared memories, of being yourself and also being a part of something larger. The concept is a part of the evolving LetterNote Live Joyfully Manifesto. Haven't seen it yet? Check it out here.

Above Images - The 2018 Master Plan organiser
You can also look at the 2018 Do Epic Shit Organiser here.