Its that time of the year again. Our bags are packed and we are ready to go! Here are a few accessories that feature in our top 7 must-have travel gear.  So whether you are headed to the beach to soak up some sun and sand, a camping trip or a weekend getaway, these essentials will make your trip easier and enjoyable.

1. The 2018 Master Plan organizer

List your goals and schedule all in one place. Dream big and pen down The Big List for 2018 in the Master Plan Organiser. Your companion in all that you do!

2. Escape Kraft Notebook

The Escape Kraft notebook from LetterNote will make for a great travel journal as you pen down your stories. Buy this notebook and Escape! Take a (much deserved) break from work, pack your bags, charge your iPod and head for a trek! And don’t forget to switch off your phone.

3. Adventure Luggage Tag

Timeless elegance meets classic travel style. A perfect companion as you embark on an adventure of a lifetime.


4. Nomad Metal Keychain

For the explorer, the nomad as you capture the unseen, with your travel accessory that will keep your keys safe and accessible.

5. Joy Pocket Notebook

Remember the best way to be happy is to spread some joy around you. Buy this pocket notebook and spread some cheer. It will fit right in your carry-on bag too.

6. Be Free 24K Gold Plated Bookmark

Looking for the perfect travel bookmark? This Be free 24K metal bookmark is a classic accessory for every book-lover on the road. It wont rip off and will fit virtually any size of book, no matter where you go. 

7. Keep Going Mini Wallet

A must have accessory for the traveler who is ready to take on new challenges. Slim and lighweight, it is guaranteed to keep you going forever.