We are super excited to announce the launch of our latest addition to our Coffee Mugs - Monogram Mugs. A personalised alphabet mug with love from LetterNote just for YOU. Each ceramic mug features a different letter of the alphabet. So, you can pick the alphabet of your liking and sip your favourite beverage in style.

The beautiful collection comprises of the alphabet on one side, in simple, clean font (that LetterNote is known for), with a wonderful word beginning from that alphabet on the other side. So A is for awesome and B is for brilliant and so it goes on...

a - awesome
b - brilliant
c - creative
d - dreamer
e - enigmatic
f - fearless
g - gifted
h - happy
i - infinite
j - joyful
k - kinetic
l - love
m - magical
n - nomad
o - optimist
p - passionate
q - quintessential
r - romantic
s - spirited
t - tough
u - unique
v - versatile
w - wonderful
x - xo xo
y - yolo
z - zeitgeist

So now you can start your day in your very own feel-good "initial mug."  You can view the entire range from A-Z and make your choice here: